What I Miss

Open face sandwiches.

Stroking your face.

Arguing about which way to run in the park.

Running when you were pregnant.  

Holding you when you appeared to be deathly ill.

Trying to find you the best present possible for you with literally no money.

Writing you poems.

Trying to walk on your left side.

Laying in bed literally all day.

Threatening to stab/pummel anyone who would dare hurt you.

Obnoxious amounts of holiday travel.

Sharing a dorm room mattress with a sink hole in the middle.

Attending weddings that make me mushy over you.

Being mushy over you.

Being the couple all our friends wanted to be.

Out first real apartment together.

Your wanting to have a baby with me.

Finding out you were pregnant.



The feeling I had every time I heard play Cole’s first cry and the sound of my half sobbing voice.

Sleeping on a couch with Cole so that you could get some rest.

Actually feeling useful while you were pregnant.

Missing you.  

Knowing you’re coming home.

Knowing you’re coming home to me.

Rubbing our feet together in bed.

You’re being more protective of me than I am of myself.

Hugging you.

Holding you.

Kissing you.

Pleasing you.

Arguing about dumb shit that didn’t matter.

BBQ mixtapes.

Your loving me.

Knowing you love me.

Too long stories about people I don’t care about.

Being the person you wanted to tell those stories to.

Our love/hate relationship that became a love/love relationship.

Shopping for Pop! figures together.

Massages that I sincerely meant to just be massages but finding you too irresistible to behave.

It being ok to find you irresistible.

Crying because you make me so happy.

Not crying because I miss how happy you made me.

Committing felonies so that you wouldn’t know your car was broken into.

Costume parties.  

Group costumes.

Your loving me because of who I was.

Your loving me despite who I was.


Just… You.

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