I’m broke yall

Not chapter 11 broke

but more like that Ramen noodles and Boones Farm broke

That broke that makes every decision crucial like

breakfast or toilet paper

cat food or kitty litter

I Alpha/Omega every circumstance

and wonder if I can get cash for a stanza

a dime for a line, a dollar for a rhyme

I’m gonna put an ad out in the Village Voice

next to the ads for escorts (hookers)

in big bold letters


I’m ready to pimp my pen money

Have it on the stroll gettin’ my ends for me

and I’ll have all my pimp lines ready like

“Bic, I don’t care if it’s rainin’ or snowin’, you better be out there hoe’n

You know what

Hence forth I shall be known as Poet the Pimp

I’ll walk with a limp and my pimp stick will be a gold Monte Blanc with Ice

And I’ll hoe out my rhymes for them corny assed MC’s y’all think are so nice

take they style and sell it back triple  price

I’ll bring poems to playa’s balls and act like

Langston Hughes meets Iceberg Slim

while wearing a zoot suit made from the pages of Whore Son

I’ll win the coveted prize of Pimp Laureate

and when I die in a hail of nouns and verbs

I’ll be studied in Stanford right after Tupacilism 101

by rich kids and Rhode scholars trying to touch the pain that pumps

rhythmically in black veins

I’m gonna write my poems on overpriced clothes and champagne bottles

and say you need to be a baller to read me

watch these negroes spend they last bit tryin’ to be me,

that’s called pimp marketing

I’m gonna put poems on sneakers

“Yo son you seen them S.Poets? They hot son.”

and every time I see a cat in my kicks I can say

“Now that young man is walkin’ in the word”

I’ll press my cd’s on grams of cocaine

and tell the world it’s my lines they addicted to

I’m gonna pimp poetry like a Sudanese slave

I’m gonna pimp poetry like FICA pimps a paycheck

I’m gonna pimp poetry like MTV pimps a ride

I’m gonna pimp poetry like white folks pimp black music

I’m gonna pimp poetry cuz I wanna be known before I die

I pimped this poem so I could here y’all say “He’s so fly!”

I’m gonna pimp poetry cuz of this poems first line


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